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Experimental Facilities at SSCU



  1. Combined BIS-XPS-UPS Instrument (VSW)
  2. ESCA 3 Mark II Spectrometer (VG Scientific)
  3. ESCA  ThermoFischer Scientific Multilab 2000
  4. Heterogeneous Catalytic Reaction System equipped with GC (In-house Fabricated)
  5. Siemens X-ray Diffractometer (Cu source) AXS D5005
  6. X-ray Diffractometer: Phillips (with X’lerator detector)
  7. Oxford Diffraction Single Crystal facility with cryo-cooling attachment (DST/FIST)
  8. Olympus SZX12 Polarizing Microscope with Digital Camera
  9. Belsorp-Max and Belsorp-Aqua Porosimeter
  10. Mettler Toledo Differential Scanning Caloriemeter
  11. Mettler Toledo Thermogravimmetric Analyzer & Differential Thermal Analyzer
  12. Perkin Elmer UV-Vis Spectrometer (Lambda 35)
  13. Perkin Elmer FTIR Spectrometer Spectrum 1000 (Room temperature only)
  14. Perkin Elmer Luminescence Spectrometer (LS-55)
  15. Thermogravimmetric system (Cahn TG131)
  16. Thermal Desorption System (In-house Fabricated)
  17. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AA 200)
  18. Dielectric Bridge      
  19. HP4194A Impedance-Gain Phase Analyzer
  20. Novocontrol Apha A Impedance Analyzer
  21. DC Arc Furnace (Fabricated)
  22. Omicron Low temperature UHV VT-AFM with UHV Chamber
  23. Lake Shore Vibrational Sample Magnetometer
  24. George Associates DC Faraday Force Magnetometer
  25. Locuz Computer Clusters
  26. Intel Pentium-IV 3.0 GHz processor based 12 Node cluster with 24 GB RAM (IFCPAR)
  27. Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz EM64T processor based 2 node cluster with 4 processors and 8 GB RAM.( IFCPAR)
  28. AMD Optron 64 bit 3.2 GHz processor based 9 Node SUN Cluster with 18 processors and 36 GB RAM. (DST)

Apart from the above central facilities there are several other equipments which are housed inside laboratories of individual faculty. For further information please contact:

The Chairman, -
Bangalore 560012
Tel: +91 (0)80 23602169 (Via SSCU EPABX: +91 (0)8022932336 Extn.: 2025)


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